Oxford to South Boston

Back home in the US one of my favorite pastimes is to travel the back roads on my Harley following the lead of my husband on his bike. We took a trip in October 2014 and here is what I wrote.

Fingers gripping the clutch, throttle twisted open, tears run from the corners of my burning eyes.

Ears assaulted by the thunder of exhaust.

Eyes scan the horizon and fall upon “The Honey Hole” – delapidated, boarded-up windows – a relic from the past.

Tobacco leaves, yellowed but soft, flutter in the road.

Buzzards circle overhead, casting dark shadows.

Walls of pine trees shelter homes from the assault of exhaust.

Blue sky above, dotted with billowy clouds.

Fatback, biscuits and grits washed down with scalding hot coffee.

The road calls, we answer, rumbling along to the next town.


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