Utah Moon

Here’s a piece I wrote a while back during a work trip to Park City, Utah. 

Eyes open, reach for the phone, it’s 3:45 am, Lunar eclipse

Rise, open the shades, admire the moon
A sliver of white, slightly obscured behind aspen trees rooted into the mountainside

The outer edge is sharp, while the sliver has a hazy edge – the earth blocking the moon

Throw on yoga pants, flip flops, camo jacket, knit hat

Venture outside for an unobstructed view of the transformation

Music piped from speakers, too loud, venture to the edges and gaze lifts to the sky

Moon, shadowed by earth, a soft red-orange color, then it’s gone – a smudge of light where it once shown brightly

Wait, with increasingly cold toes, for the moon to reappear

Sliver returns

The eclipse is complete


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