Today a friend posted a picture of a beautiful door – coated in a fading azure blue paint. The top of the door was rounded and I thought, if I saw that door I also would have stopped on my stroll and snapped a photo. This got me to wondering about why I’m so fascinating with doors. It’s a rare day when I walk through a new place without admiring a beautiful doorway or going so far as to pull out my iPhone for a picture.


Why the fascinations with doors?

There are very few things that are constants in my life – my husband, my parents, my wanderlust, my love of two wheeled transportation (either human or petrol powered), an intense need for time in nature, being in the middle of three books at the same time. Ok, more constants that I thought.

But, taken on the measure, the majority of my life has been a theme of change. Walking through a new door into the unknown, this might be the strongest theme of my life. I’ve lived in 16 homes in 2 countries and 4 US states. It’s possible I forgot a few, but I doubt it. Each of these places has held a special meaning for me and made a little memory bank in my soul.

I’ve experienced living in a variety of conditions – from a cinder block room in a chicken slaughter house, to various styles of apartments, the living room of a lovely English lady named Lilian who was a war survivor and normally boarded to Japanese exchange students but with great trepidation took an American girl as a boarder. This woman was the one who convinced my mother that at 20 I was going to marry my husband. So, if she didn’t want a wedding in Reno she better make me a dress. Incidentally, she also taught me that it’s worth collecting the dripping off of baked chicken in the oven and using it for all sorts of vegetable dishes. Now I split my life between two homes – a lovely country home in North Carolina with the typical southern wrap-around covered porch which I absolutely love, and an apartment in downtown Düsseldorf that overlooks a beautiful garten and has a grocery store right up the road. These places are as different as night and day, and both perfect in their own way.

Back to the blue door… They say doors are the window to the soul. Maybe for me behind an old door I will find an old soul. With age comes wisdom, and perhaps this is what I crave, the wisdom that comes from opening a door into the unknown and learning what life will teach me next.


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