My Long-Haul Flight Must-Haves List

imageI have some visitors who will make the LONG hop across the pond soon. Since I’m such a seasoned long distance traveled now they asked for some advise. Here are the things I carry on flights that are over 8 hours in duration. I’m curious – what do you bring? What can you not travel without?

1. Noise cancelling headphones and an iPhone loaded with music (I’m currently stuck on Coldplays new album).
2. A book
3. A magazine
4. A pen (I also bring colored pencils and a notebook because I like to draw)
5. Hand sanitizer wipes (sometimes I like to wipe down the tray and my general seating area – I’ve read it’s loaded with germs)
6. Hand sanitizing liquid (in case the bathroom sink is broken – I’ve had it happen before)
7. A little packet of tissues
8. A handkerchief
9. A few pieces of fruit, some nuts, and granola bars
10. A bottle of water
11. Ear plugs and an eye cover
12. Wear clothes you can layer because a lot of times it gets really cold
13. You might want nose spray and eye drops in case the dry air bothers you. (Sleeping pills are optional, I don’t take them anymore)
14. A little bottle of hand lotion, toothpaste and a toothbrush and floss (I go batty if something is stuck in my teeth).
15. I don’t use those donut pillows for the neck but some people like them.
16. You might consider wearing yoga pants or compression socks. I wear some hot yoga pants that have breathable panels on the side. They’re great!
17. I bring a pair of cuddly sleeping socks and some flip flops to wear on the plane.

Wow, no wonder my backpack is so heavy… 🙂

18. Oh and the most important item: patience.
19. A sense of humor is optional, but it goes a long way to making the journey better!

Which brings me to the picture…what does a slug have to do with long-haul air travel? Can you guess the connection?

Enjoy! Remember the time will pass no matter what, so it’s a good idea just to settle in, relax and enjoy the ride.


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