Three words.

Hurled forcefully from the mouth of Günter, my Krav Maga instructor.
Hit my ears and propel my body to push
Push forward, searching for the edge
The edge beyond which I will

I push and push
The edge continues to move
The horizon is now beyond where I can see
The numbers continue to climb

A sucker punch to the liver stops me for a moment
I laugh
Catch my breathe
Charge back in

Moving in circles
Fast feet
Changing tactics
Moving in for a left
A right

Head shot
Body shot
Slip down
Move left
Then right

My breath speeds up
My brain slows down
I track my opponents every move

Effectively block two body blows
Moving in for a jab
Sideswiped by a punch that slipped by my defense

I pull back
Günter sees me pause
The command is barked again

“Fight Natalie,

And I do,
charging back in
deliver a rally of punches

The countdown commences: 10….8….5

The fight moves closer
Breath becomes labored
But we do not
We will

Tap gloves
“Good Fight”

Günter smiles

Tomorrow will be pain
This moment of pride is worth the price


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