Tonight is the night, it’s finally here, my cat Tony has one more sleep and then he’ll be on his way to America. Before I started to pack for the journey, I clipped on his leash and walked him up to the neighbors to visit and then a couple hours later another neighbor stopped by to say a bunch of words to him in German. He’s a bilingual cat now. 🙂 Because of Tony, and walking him in the courtyard, I met a lot of neighbors. It’s really hard to resist smiling and talking with a person walking a cat! A one-eyed cat makes it even more interesting.

I’m sad that his little neighbor friends are away on holiday and won’t have a chance to say goodbye, hopefully they’ll come see him in America!

I’m excited, I’m worried, I’ve never sent an animal on an airplane and I don’t know how it will feel for him, but I’ve got to trust it will all be ok.

I’m pretty certain every expat has been here before. I got my cat Tony after I’d been living in Germany for about 6 months and I found myself on the couch, once again, struck down with a cold. My friend Monika suggested that maybe I needed a cat to keep my company and I’ve got to say that was one of the best pieces of advice I received in Germany. 

After I got Tony I never really got sick again for more than a day or so and I really have begun to believe in the power of the mind, body connection. I’m sure that new germs were a big contributor, but I do consider the possibility that my spirit and soul needed some nurturing.

So, tomorrow’s the big day. Tony has his EU passport and his health certificate from the vet and his rabies shots, and off to America he goes. The vet asked if he has a green card and I reassured him we’ll keep him fully-employed as a mouser! 

Now we’re off for one more last big sleep. Wish Tony luck on his journey to America. Normally a pirate would go by boat but he’ll be going by plane! 🙂


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